Immanoleo (The Mummy)

(Long time ago, a jealous Egyptian Prince kidnapped his beautiful beloved,
Immanoleo, and locked her inside his family tomb in a big pyramid. Pharoah's
secret police discovered his vile deed too late to save her life, but soon
enough to punish him. He was mumified alive and cursed with immortality while
buried in the same pyramid.
In 1980's the pyramid was discovered, and the mummy taken out. And then the
horror began, as the unleashedancient monster found himself a new bride -
a reincarnation of his one and only Immanoleo...)

I had this dream
Many times before
But what happens to me now
I really wanna know
Cannot close my eyes
I see his face again
And he's calling me
This haunting name:

And I run outside
Trying to escape
But he's following me now
This time it seems to late
Blood is running cold
I don't know who I am
And he's calling me
This haunting name:

Dark empty sky
As far as I can see
And this pyramid above me now
Reveals my destiny
Centuries ago
He buried me in hell
Now I'm falling again
Under his spell:

© 1992 Anja Orthodox