Lose It

I don't know if I went away
I don't know if I'm back again
Cannot tell you where I have been
Was it for real or just a dream?

Remember walking down dark stairways
Cats eyes shinning
Cats eyes shinning...remember...
Remember walking down long archway
Footsteps dying
Footsteps dying...remember...
Silent whispers, muted voices
A fall into abyss, echoing laughter

Lose it, lose it

Mirrors on the walls
Faces come and go
Colours changing hue
And you, and you, and you, and you
Tell me am I really here?
Tell me how much longer?
Chasing moments lost in time
In this endless pantomime

Lose it, lose it

I'm in this land of make believe
And live somebody else's dreams
And here grey people in the street
Don't point their fingers at me
When I pick up the broken mirrors
And try again to see my face

Lose it, lose it...

© 1992 Anja Orthodox
tytuł oryginału: Iluzyt
tłumaczenie: Tomasz Beksiński