The Secret Place

I've just read the last page of this novel
The book was lengthy, the ending was somber
There's a sun flickering out on the back cover
A lover putting a pall on a lover

I'll build a phoenix nest out of your old letters
I'll push aside all the petty things
The smoke will cover what no longer matters
Blot out what was, make way for what is

I'm the shooting star, so the wish is mine
And, burning, I wish to leave you behind

The tears were shaping my soul into the rose
The stately statue that I love so much
Suddenly I felt that the marble was cold
Then for the first time I voiced this vow

I feel there is a secret place I'll find no matter what it takes
I'm setting out on a quest inside to regain some space
A place away from you, in the warm glow deep within the crystal heart
Paving the way with the jewels I'll find on the way to from where I start

I let my scream out for the first time
And the silence is shattered
I let my pain out for the first time.

© 1999 Anja Orthodox
tytuł oryginału: Syrenka
tłumaczenie: Krystian Aparta